there is a NOIZEZZ solution for every situation
craftsmanship in the Netherlands
the speech intelligibility of NOIZEZZ filters is much better than the tube filters.
NOIZEZZ Premium Sleep

It is important to use the correct earplug. For example, for sleeping we have the Premium Sleep, the snoring of your partner can be up to 75Db, the Premium Sleep dampens this sound. So there is a NOIZEZZ solution for every situation! made in Holland

Craftsmanship is mastery! The NOIZEZZ products are all made in the Netherlands by specially trained people. Very high demands are placed on our products, and that is right! Hearing protection is a serious matter that the NOIZEZZ employees know from A to Z. Do not take any risks with your hearing, leave it to us.


Why do NOIZEZZ filters have good speech intelligibility?
NOIZEZZ filters are unique! By using a special 'mesh' in the filter, NOIZEZZ filters approach the normal hearing best. This makes speech intelligibility many times better than the tube filters.

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