Premium Aqua

Premium aqua


Most comfortable universal earplugs for watersport and showering. 

For Children and Adults.


  • Prevents ear infections and surfers ear
  • Very comfortable because of the unique ergonomic shape
  • Specially designed for watersports
  • Invisible in the ear


The NOIZEZZ Premium aqua

This NOIZEZZ aqua earplugs are for water sports enthusiasts who do not want to get water in their ears

If you have tubes or a sensitive eardrum you probably don’t want to get water in your ears. But of course you want to enjoy the swimming pool or the sea. NOIZEZZ aqua properly close the ear canal, so no moisture comes into the ear for your peace of mind. It also protects surfers against surfer’s ear.


  • Water sports

For in swimming pools, to prevent a "surfer’s ear" when surfing and doing other water sports.

    ฿465.00 Regular Price
    ฿420.00Sale Price

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